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An employee threatens his employer with a legal procedure? Do not let it happen ... but let it be said (without sanctioning).
In these times of popular uprisings, where some compare the movement of the "gilets jaunes" to that of "sans-culottes", the Judges revive the memory of the French Revolution by relying on the Déclaration des Droits de l'Homme of August 26, 1789, to justify their decision, with the evident aim of sacralising certain French liberties.

The company Euronext Technologies has just paid a heavy price after dismissing one of its employees on the grounds that he threatened with labor court action for the deterioration of working conditions and moral harassment. The employer would have done better to refrain from reporting this complaint, since the Court of Cassation ruled the dismissal void (Cass. soc., 21 nov. 2018, n° 17-11.122), with heavy financial consequences for the company... 


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